353 – Woof

Today I went out for a local animal shelter event to see if I could get any good info about it for a newsletter article.  A couple dozen shelters had booths there, so I was glad we joined.  We had lots of visitors, and I wasn’t even there the whole day!  I got to spend some time with some cute-ish dogs, one of which liked to, uh, ‘mark’ EVERYTHING.   Yikes.



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352 – I Can Haz PenPal?

We took Finnegan on a field trip today.  We’re house sitting for Dan’s parents, and wanted to give Kitty and Finnegan a break from each other, since they’ve been on each others’ nerves lately.  I’d like to say this meet and greet went well, but not so much.  lol  At first it looked cute, like in this photo.  But, the resident cats did NOT like Finnegan being on their turf.  Thankfully for them, it was just one afternoon.  Poor Finnegan.  Can’t we all just get along?

oh, hai!

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351 – Finnegan in the Palm of your Hands

So, my cat Kitty sheds a lot, but let’s face it… she’s a short-haired cat.  There is no comparison between that and a cat that has medium-long hair.  Our cats have been fighting a little more frequently lately, so that means tuffs of fur are found around the apartment more often.  Poor Finnegan  😦  This one bundle that Dan gathered up from the carpet after we accidentally locked them together in the bedroom for a couple of hrs while we were out… LOL  Whoops (this is not ALL from that particular time frame. there was fur there from other times… he’s in the bedroom a lot…).  I think we vacuumed shortly after.

not to be confused with actual cat

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350 – Mochi

I love these little things.  They’re called Mochi Ice Cream, and are basically little balls of ice cream within a sticky rice coating.  They were started in Japan (no surprise).  I LOVE THEM… and am so happy that Trader Joe’s carries them.  I’d never experienced them until I arrived here.  They come in different flavours of which I’ve seen mostly strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mango and this one, which is green tea.  If you have not experienced them, I recommend it.  I don’t know what it is about them… maybe just having hand-held ice cream without the mess (not a fan of cones, unless they’re chocolate covered, which is just another big mess).

you scream, we all scream

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349 – Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero?

I’m nearing the end of my Bones episodes, and put them on hold because I’d reached an episode I was hoping to watch with Dan, cause I think it’s a hilarious episode.  In the mean time, I’ve decided to start watching Heroes again from the beginning.  I only got about as far as the 2nd season the first time I started watching about 2 yrs ago.  This is a great show (though some acting is really not that great… I’m looking at you Milo).  I’m sad to hear that it takes a turn for the ‘blah’ and then ends up canceled.  Oh well.  I’ll enjoy it while I can.

I could be your hero baby

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348 – Posty

This is my postcard collection so far from postcrossing (and a few I received a couple of years ago).  This is since April, and sending kind of sporadically.  For each one I receive I send one (it’s actually in reverse, when I send one, I get one).  It’s really neat.  They actually are from all corners of the earth.  You guys from home should send me some too!!  😉  I like how these clips I bought work great for keeping them all together.  It’s a bit hard to get them in the clips some times, but it’s worth it.  Cuts down on tape!  lol

Postcards are a lot of fun to receive, and to send.  There’s a wide variety of cards to choose from to buy around here too.  Let me know if you want one!


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347 – Hot, Hot, Heat

We’re in anoter bit of a heat wave right now, and for us, that means we might get close to 80ºF.  lol!  Sad.  But it does feel pretty hot when that happens.  Thankfully we have this amazing fan (no, not even the Vornado) that we keep in the living room.   You can’t really tell from the pic, but it stands about 3-4 ft high.. It’s quite funky.  That part on top at the back is actually a remote control that comes off.  hah!  I wish it was hotter here, so we could use it more often.  It even has some ionizing effects, or something… And it was pretty cheap!  Go figure.  Thanks Home Depot!


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